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Whitepaper is the essential documentation for any blockchain project. White paper development requires a lot of research, time, and knowledge. In addition to that, it also requires proficiency in writing which shows in choosing the right format or shaping the content in a particular way. All in all, it is a job of professionals who are ready to dig deeper into the technical aspects and are skilled to make it understandable and intriguing for every reader.

BCFG never failed to illustrate a project in the best possible manner. We conduct full-fledged research into all the aspects of your project and establish facts that could prove the prospect of your project to potential investors/users. BCFG strives to make your project an absolute success. Our white paper does a perfect job of converting the reader into an investor by presenting your idea most vividly.

With engineers, game theory experts, economists and mathematicians in our diverse consulting team, we take an approach that has yielded positive results and have helped various projects to design and implement various business models. Many of these projects have gone on to raise privately with both institutional and retail investors, and are performing in the secondary market as well. Our in-house formula of tokenomics takes into account monetary and financial theory meets conventional wisdom of running enterprises and investing best practices, which in turn creates robust and scalable tokenomics models.


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