The language of marketing is unique

As one of Asia’s leading blockchain marketing agencies, we placed our focus on building effective marketing strategies, which attract communities and investors. We strive to create awareness and push your project out into the cryptocurrency community.

In the crypto spectrum, the language of marketing and advertisements is unique. It is directed at a community of decided followers of the crypto gospel who understand what is going on. Therefore, marketers from outside need to understand their demographics to get through to them. On the other hand, the crypto community is increasingly doing a good job to market crypto concepts to the outside world, slowly gaining. Our team consists of experienced marketers who are proficient in both English and Chinese content.

Engagement is just some of BCFG key strengths in marketing. We are versed in marketing across various platforms (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord) as well as various regions around the world. We also conceptualize marketing campaigns such as trading campaigns, airdrops and bounties to allow our clients to achieve key milestones in their marketing targets. Our team is at the forefront of marketing, including the latest trends within the industry such as decentralised finance and NFTs.

Project reviews help in establishing credibility and trust. Most of the cryptocurrency projects are using third party websites to have their project reviewed. BCFG writers will create unique content based on your whitepaper, technical input, website, community, and other research channels. We then distribute and seed these content amongst our entire social media network to ensure maximum reach and product coverage.

Airdrops are found everywhere within the crypto space. However, you need to make appropriate decisions when it comes to crypto airdrops to avoid partnering with the wrong team. Airdrops are primarily implemented as a way of gaining attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and a wider disbursement of coins. Airdrops are an easy and low-cost marketing mechanism for blockchain projects.

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