Community Management

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our team of trained professionals are the industry elites, taking on roles as CM since 2017.
We make sure your community well is taken care of.
We know - managing a crypto community can be difficult.We support your community 24/7, handling issues effectively, efficiently and constructively. Our community managers strive to enhance your brand and engage your project’s community to enable you to take the next step in your business.
Creating an active and engaging community is what we specialize in. Our pro-active and solution-focused approach keeps members interested and increases customer retention.

BCFG focuses on your KPI and acts as the first contact point for the crypto community. We provide round the clock live support on your web and social channels. We build an interactive and engaged community, provide support and advice to grow the crypto community. One size does not fit all. Each community is different. We tailor and execute our community management service to fit your strategic vision and goals.
Our team responds to your community queries within minutes. We pride ourselves on the speed of responses. We don’t let your members wait. But it’s not all about speed. We care about quality support provided to your users as well.

Our community management services will give life to your social channels, establish trust and authority among investors, and solidify your place as a highly sought after project. We learn all we can about your project to help develop the best community management plan that fits your needs. Our team members can provide 24/7 coverage for all of your social media channels. You will not have to worry about community engagements. Using valuable expertise accrued by successfully managing other crypto projects, we apply industry-tested strategies and advice to your project, further increasing growth. As mentioned above, We also manage airdrop management, social media management, translation, localization, and copywriting services.
Other than English, we provide community management service for Chinese as well, allowing your project to reach out to the wider Chinese cryptocurrency community.


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