Blockchain Development


Token Development

Our team of developers employ the most avant-garde techniquesfor token deployment while keeping all the protocols in place.
We make certain there is absolutely no obstacle in the development process and things are smooth at every end.
From creating a new cryptocurrency based on public blockchain such as Ethereum, EOS or Polkadot to building a new token from scratch, everything is possible.


Wallet Development

Looking to build your very own digital currency wallet? We assist you with wallet design, development, product testing, and market launch.
Whether you need a custodian wallet or a non-custodian wallet, a web wallet or a mobile wallet, our mission-driven solutions effectively cater to your specific needs. We follow a coherent roadmap to steer your project, leveraging our industry knowledge, expertise, and technical prowess to provide you with an efficient and secured cryptocurrency wallet.
Leverage BCFG’s solution to expedite your wallet deployment or connect with our blockchain experts to share your needs for a custom wallet.


Smart Contract Development

Execute your business idea and Transform your Business with Smart Contracts Development
From the Finance to Supply Chain industry, our team of business analysts and developers will be able to advise you on the best protocols and design smart contracts with customized features adaptable to your specific industry.
We develop highly secured and reliable smart contracts by implementing the best practices to create smart contract architecture.
With a unique combination of technical and blockchain business expertise, our team of experts will be able to write and deploy your smart contract’s code in an efficient and secured manner, tailored perfectly to your business requirements.


dApp Development

Decentralized application (dApp) is not just an alternative to the existing centralized mechanisms. dApp has the potential to ameliorate the way we used to interact with applications in every way. Decentralized applications (dApps) are distributed, resilient, transparent, and incentivized applications built on Blockchain technology. dApps has defined the way an application is to be built on a network that overcomes traditional milestones. dApps enable direct interaction between end-users and providers.
The three main features of dApp are open-source, decentralized consensus, and no central authority.
We understand the concept and execution of dApps better than anyone else and could mold the mechanism as per the requirements of your business.
With our team of experienced dApp developers, we deliver the best of this technology to you and make the adoption of this structure seamless for you. Our experts ensure that you could harness the power of dApp without going through a painstaking development process. We strive to make your company a frontrunner in any specific industry and outflank your competitors.


DEFI - Decentralized Finance Development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development is the biggest disruptor in today’s financial system. It improves access for everyone to the major functions such as yield farming, borrowing, lending, trading, investment, and risk management.
Yield farming refers to the technique through which one can earn more cryptocurrencies by using his existing holding of cryptos. Liquidity providers play a vital role in the success of yield farming. They stake their assets in liquidity pools and facilitate trading in cryptos by creating a market.
Defi staking involves a mechanism where crypto assets will be staked on a supported wallet or exchange and passive income will be earned. The rewards can be calculated based on the quantity of assets, duration, inflation rate, and the network issuance rate.

Defi Dapp development plays a critical role to avoid the risk of a central point of failure. They are highly secure when compared to centralized applications due to the absence of a central authority. A decentralized finance platform is essentially a Dapp or decentralized application with a set of sophisticated features offering financial services. The creation of this app takes a higher level of understanding and expertise.
One of the pivotal reasons behind the tremendous growth of defi services is due to the heavy investments made in robust defi smart contract development. They are created with the specific public blockchain programming language, highly encrypted, and automates the tasks to be executed based on certain pre-set terms and conditions.
We provide you the most skilled DeFi developers who make your business absolutely perfect at every front. Our experts know how to mold this technology as per the needs of your company and they bring these changes in the most seamless fashion.

We have helped launch over 20 DeFi projects into the market so far. With DeFi, new age concepts such as yield farming and automated marketing present a new opportunity for token projects to acquire customers, gain liquidity and execute fair token launches. Our technology team is behind some of the most innovative advancements in DeFi and our marketing team is at the forefront of DeFi marketing.


We make cryptocurrency exchange platform development more adaptable and accessible for every entrepreneur across the globe. We help your enterprise establish itself in the emerging cryptocurrency industry. With our exchange platforms, we enable trading of cryptocurrencies easier, safer, and faster for your users. Our cryptocurrency exchange platform development will make your exchange an established name as well as enhancing the value of your brand.
We are committed to provide crypto exchange development services better at every front and we make it possible by deploying advanced languages and frameworks with the cutting-edge features and tools. This allows crypto trading to be lucrative and reliable at the same time, making your platform the best vehicle for any individual looking for an opportunity to engage with cryptocurrency trading activities.

Our developers operate and manage a proprietary state of the world cryptocurrency exchange equipped with full fledged end to end solutions for retail and institutions. The technology stack of your cryptocurrency includes, but is not limited to market making bots, KYC/AML modules and top notch security and user information encryption. Our boutique exchange currently services over 15,000 users and we have transacted over 700m USD in trading volume to date.

White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange

We offer exchange-as-a-service white label solutions to interested parties who would like to operate their own cryptocurrency exchange.
The demand for white label cryptocurrency exchange platforms is growing as we are seeing a spike in the number of crypto users across the globe. This fintech solution is changing the dynamics of global markets rapidly and is soon to become an essential factor in every business.
As a result, we are seeing many sorts of features and tools that are making the trade of digital assets easier than ever. A white label cryptocurrency exchange software does not only bring you closer to crypto technology, but it also gives you headway into voluminous transactions that make cryptocurrency trading more profitable.

With our high-end white label crypto exchange development, you can make your business ready for the forthcoming revolution. Furthermore, you get to carry out trading with a user-friendly UI/UX, robust trading engine, and beefed-up security mechanism. Our experts make white label solutions as perfect as custom-built cryptocurrency exchange. It comes with all the functions that you can imagine.
Our white label cryptocurrency exchange allows you to keep the functionality of your exchange controlled. It gives you more power to manage the order matching, transaction processing, and integration of features. Our development models make this category of exchange a much better option, it gives you more options and keeps the UI/UX along with the other features sharper. We make this particular exchange model more adaptable by equipping it with multiple tools and programs which give you an assured outcome..

Our developers

Our developers have the caliber to materialize your vision irrespective of how complex it is. Every professional in our team has worked extensively in this domain and knows how to bring positive results. When we take up the project, we make sure that the outcomes are cost-effective and more reliable. We give you brilliant solutions that enable your business to outperform at every domain without a single error. The development process is driven by some of the most experienced experts.

Our team works with an aim to empower its clients. We go to any extent to make this possible and employ the most trailblazing technologies to achieve this feat. With our result-oriented development mechanism, it is possible for any new projects to gain prominence in its domain. BCFG services will give a peerless level of performance to your business. Consult with our blockchain experts who can give you solutions on the most complicated issues. From planning to execution, we cover everything that gives your business a boost and enhance the productivity with suitable results.

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